12 SHISH KABOB SKEWERS Stainless Steel - Flat, Wide, 14.5' Barbecue (BBQ Accessories) Metal with Ring-Tip Handle - Cooks Quicker and More Evenly By Infusing Heat Into the Center of the Food

Product Description

COOKS QUICKER & MORE EVENLY - The flat, wide steel transfers the heat through the center of the meat/vegetable, allowing you to use searing high heat, and cooking your kebabs/kabobs quickly and more evenly, from the inside out, and locking in the juices for a tastier meal. Works wonderfully well on grills like the Weber BBQ, for example. These are must have BBQ tools for every seasoned griller.

FOOD WON'T SLIP - Common wood skewers pose all sorts of problems. They burn, splinter, & fall apart while you're cooking your kabobs. However, these skewers stainless steel are flat, durable, and extra wide & are designed to hold a lot of food, and fit perfectly on our Kebab Rack. Chunks of beef, pork, fish, fruit & even wet vegetables like tomatoes & mushrooms won't slip or spin as they do on conventional skewers. Rotate these kebab skewers without worrying about losing food on the grill.

HOW TO MAKE GREAT KABOBS - In theory meat on sticks is an awesome idea...fast to cook easy to eat and totally open to great flavor possibilities. But far too many kebabs fall flat coming out dry tasteless and nowhere near their full potential. Your kebab skewers come with an eBook containing secrets of the best cuts of meat to use and how to cook them correctly so that you can treat your family friends and neighbors to a succulent meal that they'll never forget.

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